Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Break

So my winter break was pretty good! I was sick Christmas Eve and Christmas day with the flu but oh well. It was an OK Christmas after I started to feel better. I went down to the barn I go to a couple times and rode and hung out with friends and things. I got together with some family on the 3rd because they couldn't come up on Christmas since I was sick and weather. So we did a Christmas like thing on the 3rd instead. I went out to eat on the 2nd with my family (mom, dad, and younger sister) and a friend of mine. It was really fun! My winter break, overall was pretty good.

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  1. winter break is the best I went to Clearwater Flordia we did some fun things like we went to the ocean we loved it we also went to Busch Gardens I would love to go back Mackenzie (Koree's friend)